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This blog is dedicated to providing a glimpse into the daily office life of the team at Larry Reynolds Law, as well as providing you with a way to get to know Larry on a more personal note.

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Medical Malpractice – $1,300,000 Verdict

A 47 year-old woman with a misdiagnosis of a breast tumor, who is a breast cancer survivor, was awarded a $1.2 million dollar verdict.

Slip and Fall – $500,000 Verdict

A 52 year-old man fell on a step going down to a restaurant’s wine cellar. He sustained contusions and chondromalacia to the knee, but received only limited medical treatment. Subsequently, he experienced a second fall and injury to the same knee, and then a third injury to the same knee a year later, after being involved in a severe car accident. Despite the three separate accidents and resulting injuries, a jury returned a half-million dollar verdict on the initial fall, after deliberating only 45 minutes.

Workplace Injury – $480,000 Settlement

A 26 year-old roofing contractor rolled and fell 14 feet off a roof, fracturing his ankle, requiring surgery. He received a $480K settlement.

Auto Accident – $350,000 Verdict

A 32 year-old woman was injured in an automobile accident. She needed chiropractic care, and a procedure to her wrist for carpal tunnel syndrome. After only 12 visits to the chiropractor, and the procedure, she was awarded a $350K verdict.


January 29, 2020

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Family life

Winning verdicts

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